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AEW and WWE boast strong rosters of experienced veterans and talented prodigies. Dominik Mysterio and Hook are two youngsters who have been given prominent television time over the last year.

Dominik recently turned on his father, Rey Mysterio, to join the Judgment Day stable alongside Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, and Damien Priest. He is one of the most prominent heels in pro wrestling today. This has helped the second-generation superstar develop his character and become a compelling presence on WWE programming.

Hook, on the other hand, made an explosive debut last year at AEW Rampage and has been unbeaten ever since. He recently defeated Ricky Starks to become the FTW Champion, a title made famous by his father, Taz. In recent weeks, he defeated Zack Clayton, Angelo Parker, and Ari Daivari to retain his title. He even teamed up with Action Bronson to defeat the Jericho Appreciation Society on Rampage: Grand Slam.

As with everything on social media, fans of AEW and WWE have been comparing the two. Owing to Dominik’s increased time on TV lately, fans have started siding with the Judgment Day member as the better star.

I used to think Hook was better but hes shown no charscter developmentSince turning heel, Dominik has shown alot of growth.So Dominik is now better twitter.com/ringsidenews_/…

@JobberNationTV I agree. Hook went from intriguing to being just another wrestler on the roster. Wasted potential.

@JobberNationTV 100% correct. The fanboys are in their feelings over this one.

@JobberNationTV Hook established himself as this “no-nonsense no talk” character, which was kinda cool at first, but slowly and eventually got stale.Dominik has been getting a lot of heat lately, which could take him to superstardom if it keeps up.

@pgd543 @Breakkerrific is hook a good wrestler? He mostly wrestles squash matches, that are short, doesn’t do promos, he has a look, but he’s not shown any growth. you can blame AEW’s booking but still. Dominik has been thrown in the deep end and shows promise where as Hook does very little

However, many still believe that the AEW star is better than the young Mysterio.

@ringsidenews_ Hook is a Wrestler.Dominik is a Sports entertainer. They’re not the same.

i’d rather watch hook fight AIR for 5 hours straight, than watch a 10 minute dominik mysterio match. hook BODIES, BATTERS, and ENDS dominik mysterio, even on his worst day

Wrestling veteran believes Dominik Mysterio is better than his AEW counterpart

Speaking on the Keepin it 100 podcast, former WCW star Disco Inferno chimed in on the matter.

He believes Dominik Mysterio is better than Hook as he has heard from an inside source that the latter is not very inclined toward pro wrestling.

“Definitely Dominik [Mysterio]. Okay, because number one, I heard a little birdie [an inside source] told me that Hook isn’t really that invested in pro wrestling as you would think. I heard he wants to get into fashion design… But Dominik is invested [in Wrestling]and he’s just getting better, and he’s got arguably right now he’s got more heat than anybody on any show,” Inferno said.


Hook and Dominik are very young and in excellent environments to continue developing as pro wrestlers. It will not be a surprise to see both men become major superstars in the coming years, especially if they continue progressing on their current upward trajectory.

Who do you think is the bigger star? Hook or Dominik? Sound off in the comments below!

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