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Dana White


Dana White

UFC president Dana White recently showed off a photo of himself shirtless after losing 30 pounds.

The UFC president made headlines last month after he appeared on “The Action Junkeez Podcast.” During the episode, White said that he enlisted Gary Brecka, owner of the Florida-based 10X Health Systems, to make a complete diagnosis of his health. According to White, Brecka can “take your blood and DNA, and tell you when you’re going to die, and he’s right within the month.”

And after White went through Brecka’s tests in the summer, the 53-year-old UFC president was given “10.4 years to live.” White said that Brecka’s methods determined that he was “all f***** up,” pointing to issues like White’s lack of sleep and mobility.

However, Brecka did offer a solution to extend White’s determined life expectancy and White followed the “professional human biologist’s” advice “to the letter.”

White changed his lifestyle by exhibiting healthier habits, including dieting, and within 10 weeks, “everything” was “gone,” including White’s snoring and sleep apnea. On October 2, White shared a video on Instagram of himself speaking with Kelley Nemiro about his experience working with Brecka and 10X Health Systems.

And while White was praising them and saying he felt “35 again,” a picture of himself shirtless and flexing popped up on the screen. And in short, White looked shredded.

BT Sport’s Chamatkar Sandhu took a screenshot of White’s shirtless photo it can be seen below via the embedded tweet:

White’s New Physique Went Viral in the Online MMA Community

And unsurprisingly, the shot of White flexing was quickly shared throughout the MMA world. “This is great to see,” one person commented on White’s video. “I’m glad Dana is prioritizing his health and overall wellness.”

“Amazing stuff bro!!” someone else wrote. “You look fantastic. Definitely going to look into this”

Another commented: “It’s all them F*** it Friday’s Dana!! just kidding man we need you here for longer than 10!! Even if it’s not in the UFC. Glad you’re feeling better man.”

“This is awesome Dana, keep spreading the word/knowledge,” one Instagram user wrote.

But, of course, some shared harsh takes about the UFC president, with some saying White looked like he was on “steroids” and/or “testosterone replacement therapy.”

Some fight fans jumped to White’s defense, however. “So he’s in great shape and it’s immediately he’s on roids… maybe he works his a** off,” somebody tweeted. “Being in shape at 53 isn’t some anomaly. If this is real and legit good for him.. everyone on the internet is so ready to drop hate.. s*** gets old.”

10X Health System Is to Enhance Human Performance

On the company’s website, 10x Health System explains its mission:

“We’re 10X Health System, and we’re on a mission to 10X people’s health and wellness throughout the world by enhancing human performance,” the site reads.

“And here’s the truth… Modern medicine, isn’t a patient-centric practice. We want to bring you on a wellness journey that’s going to change your life for the better and propel you to the next level.

“We do this by understanding your body and finding the missing raw materials that can help you perform more optimally. And that’s really what the 10X movement is about. The 10X movement is about DOING. It’s about being accountable. 10X health is about being. It’s about optimal health, restoration, cellular repair, and regeneration

“And together…. We restore your passion, purpose, and physiology. We create someone that’s truly healthy and happy and give you the missing resources you need to accomplish all of your goals.”

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