UFC president Dana White is doing his bit to help a Muay Thai fighter get back into the ring.

John Esposito’s world was rocked last December when working as a road worker.

White donated $10,000 to Esposito's GoFundMe


White donated $10,000 to Esposito’s GoFundMeCredit: Getty Images
Esposito is keen to fight once more


Esposito is keen to fight once more

According to TMZ, the fighter was working on the side of a highway filling potholes when he was hit from behind by a speeding car – being pinned against a machine they were working by in the process.

Esposito explained: “Actually the amputation happened on the spot.”

“Halfway through the flight on the medivac, I flatlined.

“They were able to resuscitate me, though, and bring me back to life.”

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A regular fighter before the accident, Esposito said that after waking up in hospital, he asked the doctor if he’d be able to walk again.

Once finding out that he would eventually be able to walk, a chuckling Esposito admitted to asking “So, I can’t fight anymore?”

Perhaps not one of the first questions most people would ask upon hearing such devastating news, Esposito appears determined to return to the ring.

And when founder and president of The Muay Thai Project, Liam Tarrant, learned of Esposito’s plight, Tarrant and friends Chris and Sarah Romulo kicked off a GoFundMe fundraiser.

The funds from which are aimed at helping Esposito as he continues to recover, with Tarrant explaining on the Ceremonial Weigh-In Podcast: “Fighting is the loneliest sport in the world.

“But we’re letting our brother know that he isn’t alone on his journey. We’re all in his corner.”

And it seems White wanted to show he too is in Esposito’s corner, donating $10,000 to the cause.

As of October 3, the fundraiser is nearing it’s already increased $30,000 target.

Since his accident, Esposito has been learning how to walk with his prosthetics, and how to fight with the help of a wheelchair and a walker.

Esposito admitted: “I would like to fight now if I could.

“I definitely don’t have the cardio right now. But, as soon as possible.”

Esposito has been learning how to fight on his prosthetics


Esposito has been learning how to fight on his prosthetics

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