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If you’re a diehard MMA fan, Saturday was pretty perfect in that the UFC main event was over before the Bellator main card started. There was time to consume all the content live, but which company should walk away feeling more pleased with its night?

It depends on perspective. The UFC card was OK in terms of quality and entertainment, but the fact Mark Zuckerberg’s mysterious attendance was the biggest story of the night is both an indictment and a show of strength for the brand. The media was locked out for the card, too, so naturally the event and the fighters competing on it did not get the same level of attention as they would’ve otherwise.

That wasn’t the case for Bellator, which got the SoCal rub and had two lengthy rows full of reporters cageside, myself included. That’s not the mark of a successful event or not, but it’s worth noting.

Ultimately, it comes down to who had the best fight card. Neither was extraordinary, and neither was miserable. Bellator probably had the best fight of the night with McKee vs. Carlyle, and the top in-cage viral moment with Aaron Pico’s shoulder popping out. So I’ll give Bellator the slight nod on this one, but it doesn’t change the fact UFC is still way, way ahead in the overall race.

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