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A look at UConn's American inspired uniforms

A look at UConn’s American inspired uniforms

CT Insider

UConn will break out American inspired uniforms for their ‘Military Appreciation Night’ football game, when the Huskies face UMass at Rentschler Field Friday at 7. Future United States Airmen and Guardians will be sworn in during the game.

The uniforms will feature red sleeves with blue stripes down the sides. The detailing comes in strong on the helmets where there are two American flags displayed and the word ‘brotherhood’ written in red at the bottom of the helmet. The American flag pattern will be inside the ‘C’ for Connecticut on both sides of the helmet and displayed once again in true form on the back of the helmet.

Members of the 319th and 330th recruiting squadrons will be hosting a mass Swearing in Ceremony for the future Air Force Airmen and Space Force Guardians during the game.

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