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Lionel Messi and Mexican national team
Lionel Messi and Mexican national team

Argentina and Mexico will meet in Qatar 2022, precisely in Group C of the competition. The Mexican team has previously faced the Argentine national team in several international tournaments in recent history. Its greatest current reference, Lionel Messi, has been present in most of them.

In that sense, the current Paris Saint-Germain player was surprised by the performance of a very outstanding element in a match where both teams faced each other and, to the surprise of many, Mexico ended up winning against a Lionel Messi who was taking his first steps in the great stage of the sport.

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In this match, one of the elements of the Mexican team was one of the most surprising to the Argentinean due to what he did in this encounter. The great work of this player was acclaimed before possibly the best player in history. For this reason, the Argentinean’s respect for this element.

Which player got Messi’s respect?

The confrontation took place in 2004, during the Copa America of that year. In the encounter between Argentines and Mexicans, the player who dazzled was Ramon Morales. In fact, the player was in charge of scoring the final goal with a monumental free kick in front of the Argentinean goal.

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