Glory Game

Half a century since Hunter Davies’ seminal book, The Glory Game, was first published, it remains one of football’s most revered tombs.

Davies’ 1972 book offered incredible insight of life at a football club as he was granted unprecedented access to Tottenham Hotspur’s 1971-72 as they went on to win that season’s UEFA Cup and challenging at the sharp end domestically.

Journalist Davies spent an entire season with the team, training with them, visiting the players’ homes and witnessing the dressing-room confrontations – a luxury that seems so alien in modern-day football’s PR-managed world.

And to celebrate the 50th anniversary since The Glory Game came out, Well Offside photographer Mark Leech delves into the Offside Sports Photography Archive to dig out the pictures taken for the book.

Manager Bill Nicholson pops in

Billy Nick Door

Martin Chivers, Alan Gilzen and co in the bath

Chivers Gilzean Bath

Inside the dressing room

Dressing Room

Alan Gilzean spruces up in front of the mirror Gilzean Mirror 02

Rocking the 70s chic

Glory Game 27

Bill Nicholson addresses his troops

Glory Game 32

The bare-faced cheek of getting changed there!

Glory Game 34

Match day in London

Glory Game 37

Headline news: Spurs forever

Glory Game 42

The players feel relaxed

Mullery Team meeting

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The Glory Game: Remembering Hunter Davies’ legendary book, 50 years on

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