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Photo of Ken Roczen at the first round of the 2022 FIM World Supercross Championship Grand Prix
In the Absence of Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen goes into the final round fit and focused and the favorite for his first FIM World Supercross Championship win.

Enter the new phase of competition in the world of off-road motorcycling. The World Supercross Championship kicked off in Cardiff last week.

Bringing about a standalone Supercross World Championship for the first time in many years, no longer piggy-backed on top of the AMA supercross series and confined to US soil. This series is setting out to break the worldwide borders of Supercross and become a truly global series.

In what is only a pilot two-round series in 2022. It has been questioned by many as a somewhat false start to its future endeavors. But tell that to the riders. The racing was hard and fast. Some might describe it as frantic, particularly in the SX2 class. Brought about in part due to many riders feeling they have a shot at being a world champion in 2022 due to the very short series.

With that frantic pace of not only race pace, but race format also. The event seemed to be over as quickly as it began. With less than five minutes between each of the three races making up the main event. A 45-second lap time and race distances of only 6 or 8 laps for the early races of the main event.

Photo of Chad Reed at the first round of the 2022 FIM World Supercross Championship Grand Prix
Sadly for Aussie fans, Chad Reed will not be on the gate after dislocated his right shoulder and breaking his left hand and ribs at the opening round.

It was full-on from beginning to end. This seemed to lead to a few unexpected TV production slip-ups including some very poorly presented final podiums that not only confused but were difficult to watch as a fan of the sport. But these aspects I’m sure will be ironed out quickly now that the first one is over and done with.

The frantic pace seemed to tip riders over the edge and into a crash fest. Lucky for some they survived with only bumps and bruises. But for a surprisingly high number of guys. Significant injuries were incurred resulting in them missing part or all of the main event races.

Two very unfortunate mechanicals in the worst possible spot of the track took out the veterans Chad Reed and Josh Grant. A fuel pump issue and a broken chain respectively ended their nights in the heat races.

Justin Starling was lucky to line up for the main event races after being landed on by another rider injuring his thumb.

Luke Clout took a nasty hit after missing a gear during the on/off section that claimed Reed and Grant earlier in the program.

Along with Dean Wilson having a minor run-in with Jack Brunnell coming off in a spectacular summersault to land right on his shoulder.

With all this injury news. 6 injuries were recorded from the 44 guys on the gate that night. It’s interesting to note that the WSX team format requires these participating teams to fill their teams at every round.

In this short series it might be difficult to find replacements but what will be extra interesting is how teams approach this issue in 2023 with a longer potentially 8+ round series.

Will teams have to have a substitute rider travel with them? Making Supercross more like a stick and ball team sport for the first time ever. Teams are reportedly being fined for not having fill-in riders. Enough that they are actively looking to fill those spots as quickly as possible.

This fill-in rule will help give some outlying guys a shot at a WSX ride in the future and I love the concept of then bringing in a team’s championship. For the MDK team and Chad Reed’s and Josh Grant’s injuries, the team has confirmed with AlwaysMoto that opportunities have been taken up to fill-in for the team by Aussie riders Jackson Richardson and Joel Wightman.

Both guys will be doing interviews with AlwaysMoto and will be available before the Melbourne round. More on the topic of fill-in rides and a few other storylines from the opening round are discussed further on the AlwaysMoto Podcast. We also chat with ClubMX Yamaha’s Grant Harlan about his opening night and preparations for the series.

Remember to stay up to date on all the injury news via our social feeds @always.moto on Instagram. Check out more in-depth conversations on all the injuries in our sport on the AlwaysMoto podcast on your favourite podcast app.

See you next series Moto fans.


This list has who we know has an injury. What that injury is, as well as when we expect them back at the races. Maybe some extras if you’re lucky!

If we have missed a rider or got an injury update wrong let us know. alwaysmoto2019@gmail.com


Chad Reed #22 – MDK KTM

Injured When? Rnd 1 Cardiff

Injured What? Dislocated Right Shoulder, Broken Left Hand, Broken Ribs

Return to Riding Timeframe – Pending shoulder treatment needs. If surgery is required it could be a 12wks recovery timeframe.

Next race prediction – Unclear. Potentially WSX 2023, pending the commencement date of the series in 2023 which is yet to be confirmed.

Josh Grant #33 – MDK KTM

Injured When? Rnd 1 Cardiff

Injured What? Concussion

Return to Riding Timeframe – 1-2wks pending passing the FIM concussion protocol. More on that protocol can be heard in the podcast.
MDK team has confirmed with AlwaysMoto that Josh is taking a slow and cautious approach to his recovery and will sit out the Melbourne round.

Next race prediction – 2023

Luke Clout #14 – CDR Yamaha

Injured When? Rnd 1 Cardiff

Injured What? Groin Strain

Return to Riding Timeframe – CDR has confirmed Luke will be racing both the Aussie SX round on Friday and the WSX round on Saturday.

Next race prediction – Round 2 in Melbourne (Round one AusSX day before).

Dean Wilson #15 – Genuine Honda

Injured When? Rnd 1 Cardiff

Injured What? Left Shoulder AC separation

Return to Riding Timeframe – Team has confirmed with AlwaysMoto that Dean will be racing Melbourne. He has been actively doing laps on his Instagram also.

Next race prediction – Round 2 in Melbourne

Justin Starling #90 – Pipes Motorsport Group Suzuki

Injured When? Rnd 1 Cardiff

Injured What? Thumb injury

Return to Riding Timeframe – Unclear. No confirmation of the outcome of his scans was available at the time of writing this article

Next race prediction – AMA SX in 2023

Cole Seely #200 – MCR Honda

Injured When? Rnd 1 Cardiff

Injured What? Haematoma on his arm

Return to Riding Timeframe – Less than 1wk.

Next race prediction – Expected to be in for Melbourne.

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