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Look, I know this WSX has no control over the rider selections these teams make, and I know that, as amazingly as it sounds, teams had issues finding riders but when you have guys like 40-year-old Chad Reed on a team and Josh Grant coming back to race after being out for four or five years, it’s not a great look for the series. Now me, as a fan, I’m all in to watch these guys and it’s interesting but for the health of the series? Not so great.


Blu Cru riders swept the two classes and Tomac did it rather precision-like by winning all three mains while Shane McElrath did it by going 4-3-5 across the three main events. If Roczen (who out qualified Tomac and won the Superpole) hadn’t tipped over in the first main, it might’ve been interesting to see how that turned out. Think about Shane’s season: four different bikes and teams this year (BBMX KTM450 then a Rockstar Husky 450, then a Club MX Yamaha 450 and now a Rick Ware Yamaha 250F) and he’s persevered through all of it.


The series introduced cardboard Tuff Blox which, besides also providing a hilarious IG photo when Roczen tried to sit down on one and toppled over, didn’t provide any safety to the riders. They were also knocked a strewn when anyone even breathed on them. The result was collapsed cardboard all over the track and some blatant track cutting as well. Unsecured Tuff Blox in SX= bad, but at least riders can get some safety from them. Unsecured cardboard Tuff Blox in WSX= useless for really anything.


Vince Friese rode really, really well to get third. He passed his teammate Justin Brayton in, I think, two of the mains and if there’s a format made for Friese, it’s WSX baby! Great starts, his whoop speed was good, and he crushed it. Look, if Roczen doesn’t have a strong Aussie round- could we see Vince Friese as a WORLD SX CHAMPION? We could! He was great.


The live announcers were really of no help at all in telling us what in the hell was going on out there. Obviously, they didn’t have a screen with the running points on them and who was doing what, who needed to do what and all that. It was a rough debut on the mic for those guys.


Afterwards we had the normal press conference and with Tomac not belonging to a “team” he was up there with the other two podium riders but with McElrath, they brought up his team owner Rick Ware to talk! Like F1 does. That’s cool, who wouldn’t want to hear from the owners or managers of the teams? I’ve asked Feld to set up a call mid-week with the OEM managers a few times, but it hasn’t happened yet. Also, the WSX guys are keeping track of owner points which is cool.


Rick Ware Racing had some “interesting” graphics on their riders’ bikes. Like Outback Steakhouse, there’s no rules in WSX when it comes to number color or anything like that, so Rick made his bikes all white, red numbers and, yeah, a very busy look. I don’t know, I’m no fashionista but it didn’t look great to me. I tried to get Joey Savatgy to bite but he just kept repeating over and over that he was just happy to get to race.

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