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Rory McIlroy commented a few days ago on the decision of his colleagues to join LIV Golf. Such a decision also meant a ban from other tournaments. The Northern Irishman is disappointed by their decisions. “I think it is the first time in my life that I have felt betrayal, in a way,” McIlroy said for Guardian. “It’s an unfamiliar feeling to me.

You build bonds with these people through Ryder Cups and other things. Them knowing that what they are about to do is going to jeopardise them from being a part of that ever again?” Rory knew the consequences of joining LIV Golf.

However, not everyone has the same thinking. Many have decided on the ‘easy way’ It is unnecessary to talk about the main motive, but LIV Golf will not stop there. “I would like to think the Ryder Cup means as much to them as it does to me.

Maybe it does. But knowing what the consequences could be, I just could never make that decision. OK, it might not be 100% certain but that it could be the outcome? It just isn’t a move I would be willing to make. I thought they felt the same way.”

Charlie Beljan’s reaction

Charlie Beljana golfer who is currently not in the best shape, commented on Rory McIlroy’s statements. “The biggest cry baby for sure,” Beljan said. Beljan has not achieved significant success on the golf scene for a long time, but he is quite frustrated by Rory McIlroy, who increasingly publicly criticizes LIV Golf and the golfers who joined the competition.

His frustrations and anger have been going on since the creation of LIV Golf, and it seems that Rory is still an ‘old school’ golfer and puts status, prestige, and money first. His fight against LIV Golf will not stop, and we will see what happens in the end. Both sides lose in this kind of conflict. Will a solution be found?

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