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The free-agent list this year is filled with stars again, with two New York players topping our roster, and three Mets making our top 10. Here’s our top 30, ranked by a Q rating/interest/value combo (included are possible teams and an outside expert’s pay prediction).

1. Aaron Judge: The Yankees are feeling more confident this week. One reason I’d guess he will stay is that he shows great loyalty sticking with his longtime, very small-time agent. Teams: Yankees, Giants, Dodgers. Expert’s prediction: $330M, 9 years.

2. Jacob deGrom: Zack Wheeler told The Post’s Mike Puma deGrom likes being a Met. Teams: Rangers, Mets, Dodgers. Expert: $125M, 3 years.

3. Carlos Correa: Great defense, postseason pedigree and still 28, but interest last winter was disappointing. Teams: Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Twins, Cubs, Phillies. Expert: $275M, 9 years.

4. Trea Turner: Some think he prefers to go east, but he has said he liked Los Angeles and will consider all. Folks love him. Teams: Dodgers, Phillies, Cardinals, Red Sox, Cubs, Braves. Expert: $275M, 9 years.

5. Justin Verlander: The sure AL Cy Young should get multiyear deal at 39. Teams: Astros, Yankees, Dodgers. Expert: $75M, 2 years.

Aaron Judge, Jacob deGrom, Carlos Correa and Trae Turner are the top five free agents this offseason, according to the Post's Jon Heyman.
Aaron Judge, Jacob deGrom, Carlos Correa and Trae Turner are the top five free agents this offseason, according to the Post’s Jon Heyman.
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6. Xander Bogaerts: He badly wanted to stay in Boston last time, but after getting a low offer in spring, that can’t be assumed anymore. Teams: Red Sox, Braves, Dodgers, Twins, Cardinals, Phillies, Giants. Expert: $225M, 8 years.

7. Carlos Rodon: Big year by the Bay. Teams: Giants, Dodgers, Rangers, White Sox, Mets, Yankees. Expert: $150M, 5 years.

8. Dansby Swanson: Gold Glove winner had best year offensively, too. Teams: Braves, Dodgers, Cubs, Cardinals, Phillies, Red Sox, Giants. Expert: $175, 7 years.

9. Edwin Diaz: Expecting record reliever deal. Teams: Mets, Dodgers, Yankees, Cardinals. Prediction: Expert: $105M, 5 years.

Edwin Diaz
Edwin Diaz
N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

10. Brandon Nimmo: Much improved and will benefit from weak CF market. Teams: Mets, Rockies, Mariners, Giants, Rangers, Tigers, Red Sox. Expert: $145M, 7 years.

11. Jose Abreu: White Sox got him on bargain last time. Great leader. Teams: White Sox, Giants, Rangers. Expert: $75M, 3 years.

12. Clayton Kershaw: Is Dodgers legacy too strong for all-time great to leave? Teams: Dodgers, Rangers. Expert: $18M, 1 year.

13. Kodai Senga: Yu Darvish protégé had 1.94 ERA for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Teams: Padres, Cubs, Giants, Rangers, Mariners, Mets. Expert: $65M, 5 years.

14. Willson Contreras: The Mets tried for him at deadline. Teams: White Sox, Tigers, Twins, Angels, Cardinals, Red Sox, Rays, Mets. Expert: $88M, 4 years.

15. Chris Bassitt: Very dependable for Mets. Teams: Mets, Rangers, Jays, Cardinals. Expert: $66M, 3 years.

16. Tyler Anderson: All-Star in L.A. Teams: Dodgers, Jays, Rangers, Mets, Mariners, Cardinals. Expert: $50M, 3 years.

Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson
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17. Anthony Rizzo: Outstanding both ways. Will opt out, but qualifying offer may be tricky call for him. Teams: Yankees, Giants, Rangers. Expert: $40M, 2 years.

18. Kenley Jansen: Superb his first season away from L.A. Teams: Braves, Cardinals, Giants, Cubs. Expert: $14M, 1 year.

19. Jameson Taillon: Solid season. Teams: Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Giants. Expert: $60M, 4 years.

20. Martin Perez: All-Star performance in Texas in 2022. Teams: Rangers, Red Sox, Mets. Expert: $50M, 3 years.

21. Taijuan Walker: Yet another Mets free agent. Teams: Mets, Rangers, Mariners. Expert: $70M, 5 years.

22. Andrew Benintendi: Yankees missed him. Teams: Yankees, Tigers, Rockies, Red Sox, Rangers. Expert: $56M, 4 years.

Andrew Benintendi
Andrew Benintendi
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23. Noah Syndergaard: Fastball down a bit. Twitter star. Teams: Giants, Rangers, Phillies, Jays. Expert: $28M, 2 years.

24. Jurickson Profar: Versatile player should cash in after declining $8.3M option. Teams: Padres, Rangers. Expert: $48M, 4 years.

25. Josh Bell: Hometown Rangers a potential fit? Teams: Rangers, Padres, Giants. Expert: $51M, 3 years.

26. Jose Quintana: Thrived in Pittsburgh and St. Louis. Teams: Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants. Expert: $25M, 2 years.

27. Zach Eflin: Showing versatility in relief for surging Phillies. Teams: Phillies, Mets, Rangers. Expert: $20M, 2 years.

28. Michael Conforto: May need to do short deal to reprove himself after missing 2022. Teams: White Sox, Mets, Yankees, Mariners. Expert: $14M, 1 year.

29. Christian Vazquez: Backup for Astros, but fine two-way catcher in Boston. Teams: Cardinals, White Sox, Angels, Twins, Red Sox, Brewers, Rays, Padres. Expert: $33M, 3 years.

30. Adam Ottavino: Had big year in Mets pen. Teams: Mets, Rockies, Red Sox, Phillies. Expert: $20M, 2 years.

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