ramon forcada 041022

The Finetwork MIR Racing Team has secured the services of one of the most experienced and prestigious chief mechanics in the MotoGP paddock, Ramon Forcada.

Forcada, four times world champion, three with Jorge Lorenzo in the premier class and one with Alex Criville in the extinct 125cc class, he made a career working with riders like Casey Stoner or Dani Pedrosa, he will now work with young people whose goal is to one day get to MotoGP.

When switching from Yamaha to Ducati, Jorge Lorenzo asked Forcada to go with him but the Japanese, aware of the added value of having Forcada in their ranks, prevented the change of the chief mechanic.

‘He is a figure that fits perfectly into the structure of the Finetwork MIR Racing Team and we are convinced that he will make a great contribution to all the riders in our structure. Our riders will see it as a great opportunity to learn the demanding but effective working methods of the riders who made history in the MotoGP championship’, reads the structure’s statement.

Over the course of his 31 year world championship career, Forcada has participated in more than 500 Grands Prix and promises to be a strong addition to Mir Racing’s JuniorGP structure.

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