Abakah has made a great start to life in Tanzania and is hoping to help Simba to be crowned African champions.

“I want to go there and do my best with the team and go as far as we can because everyone will be watching our performance, me in particular, most Ghanaians will be interested,” she told Joy Sports.

“The focus is to excel and progress in my career ambition and get the Simba family happy, they’re very supportive and I hope not to let them down.”

Opening up on her adaptation following her move from Berry Ladies to Simba Queens, Abakah said she has been aided by the Ghanaian players in the country.

According to her, Augustine Okrah, who plays for Simba’s male team, and Bernard Morrison, who plays for rivals Young Africans, have been very helpful.

“Initially, when I came here, I was not okay, it was a bit challenging, food and language and being in a different setting [which] is normal when you go to a new club outside your country. But as time goes on, I’ve got to understand things here and settled well.

“Both Augustine and Morrison. The first day we met was at the training grounds and he had always wanted to talk to me.

“We have been talking almost every time, he watches my game when he’s available and he guides me as well as to what to do. He has been so good and kind to me, I hardly call him but he’s always checking up on me,” she added.

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