There’s a lot going on in the Pennsylvania sports world these days.

To add on to the pile, a recent study revealed how the Keystone State is among the top five in the U.S. with the most NBA All-Stars.

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PennStakes.com took a look at NBA.com’s list of players who have made an NBA All-Star roster over the years. They then tabulated the total (443 since 1951) from each state along with individual percentages.

The final study found that Pennsylvania was sixth overall in terms of having the most NBA All-Stars, with 20 total and a rate of 4.51 percent.

“When you look at All-Star Game appearances by state, Pennsylvania comes in with the fifth highest state representation behind California, New York, Illinois and Ohio,” reads the study.

“And as you can see, what the Keystone State loses out to those others in quantity, it sure makes up in quality,” it continues. “Two of the best players in NBA history not only hail from Pennsylvania, they went to high school a few miles from each other.

“Philadelphia-born Kobe Bryant, who attended Lower Merion High before jumping directly into the NBA, was an all-time great with the Los Angeles Lakers. He ended his career by scoring 60 points in his final game.

“In the 1961-62 season, Philadelphia-born Wilt Chamberlain, who went to Overbrook High School, and later became a 13-time All-Star, average more than 50 points per game. That’s right, averaged.”

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania was knocked out of the overall top five rankings thanks to Ohio (number five); Illinois (number four); players from outside the U.S. (number three); California (number two); and New York (number one).

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