B4 Nicktown girl

B4 Nicktown girl

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Katie McCombie of Nicktown will attend Game 2 of the World Series next week.

Katie McCombie, a 9-year-old from Nicktown, will compete in the Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit and Run National Finals on Sunday, Oct. 30, with the World Series under way.

McCombie will be recognized by MLB during game 2 of the series for her finishing in the top four out 18 regional competitions that were held across the country.

McCombie won her local competition over the summer and finished first in the regional competition that was held in Washington, D.C. at the home of the Nationals.

Her elementary school, St. Nicholas Catholic, is planning a special sendoff for McCombie and her family next week. The site of game 2 will be determined when the National League and American League championship series are complete. The possible sites include Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston or New York.

A third-grade student, Katie is the daughter of Mark and Adele McCombie of Nicktown.

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