JKL Lady Dolphins 67-75 UCU Lady Canons

Rose Akon was the difference as UCU Lady Canons dethroned rivals JKL Lady Dolphins in the Women National Basketball League after a thrilling game seven series final on Friday.

UCU Lady Canons put up a final to remember after trailing two games from the first three encounters before pulling off a remarkable back to back come back and level the series 3-3.

Rose Akon has been a soldierly servant and shown great leadership qualities after taking the matters her way from knockout stages where she has averaged 20 points per game to lead UCU Lady Canons to their 8th crown.

The first quarter inside the MTN Arena ended 6-18 in favour of UCU before adding another weighing stone to take the first half 44-24 with a 20 points lead.

Rose Akon notched 18 points in the first half to give UCU Lady Canons an edge entering the last half with a series of perfect steals to cement their lead.

Hope Akello brought up 11 points from the first half and 8 rebounds to her name and looked exhausted in the last half.

Brenda Ekone who has been one to look after for JKL Lady Dolphins lacked someone to connect with in the offensive side after registering 9 points from the first half.

JKL Lady Dolphins offensive side lacked balance and it showed how influential Stella Oyella is after her absence since game five where the stone turned for the JKL ladies.

UCU Lady Canon’s Rose Akon was named the 2021-2022 Women National Basketball league MVP after a fantastic showing from regular season to single handedly turning up matters for UCU in the knockout stages.

JKL Lady Dolphins have been dominating the women category for two successive editions and the last one in 2019 saw them defeat UCU Lady Canons in overtime after drawing 3-3 in the first six games and having a tie in game seven.

The winners UCU Lady Canons walked away with five million shillings (UGX 5M) cash prize money from sponsors Tusker lite while runners up JKL Lady Dolphins won 2.5 million.

Women NBL Past Winners

2011- UCU Lady Canons

2012- KCCA Leopards

2013- UCU Lady Canons

2014- KCCA Leopards

2015- UCU Lady Canons

2016- UCU Lady Canons

2017- UCU Lady Canons

2018- JKL Lady Dolphins

2019- JKL Lady Dolphins

2022- UCU Lady Canons

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