The pressure of an NBA game is always intense, and sometimes it is so intense that it ends up exploding in the middle of the court. This is what happened in the Celtics-Bulls and Rockets-Jazz games, where several altercations took place in the heat of the game.

There were consequences of these brawls, including the ejections of Celtics’ Joe Mazulla and Grant Williamsand the heated verbal altercation between Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jrteammates on the Rockets.

Boston’s implosion infuriates Mazzulla

In the game between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bullsbostonians started on firehitting his first 8-of-9 3-point shots to take a comfortable 19-point lead and appeared to be headed for his fourth straight win.

But the magic disappeared and the Celtics implodedbeing outscored 104-67 in the final 41 minutesleaving Chicago to take a 120-112 victory. Boston hit just 37.4% of shots from the field, prompting Celtics interim coach Joe Mazzulla to explode.

After claiming a technical foul in the third period, Mazzulla was ejected. Minutes later, Williams got upset over what he considered a foul, confronted an official and earned a trip to the locker room.

Boston lost its undefeated recordbut will have several days to recover before facing the Cleveland Cavaliers at home on Friday.

In Houston, altercation between teammates

Another loud altercation occurred in the game in which Houston Rockets defeated the Utah Jazz 114-108. Houston was 0-3 and desperately looking for their first win of the season, when Jalen Green and Jabari Smith Jr. got into a loud verbal altercation.

It’s unclear what they said to each other, but Smith didn’t look happy with what his teammate was yelling at him. Tempers got so high that several of his teammates had to intervene before they came to blows.

Houston got their first win of the year and in the process took away the Jazz’s undefeated record. Smith (21 pts, 9 rebounds) and Green (25 pts, 4 threes) were essential in their team’s victory.

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