220415 Dainse a Agostini

One of the attractions in recent years in motorcycling’s premier class has been the wide variety of distinct winners as before each race the ‘who will win?’ factor helps to bring fans into the sport and keep the outcome uncertain.

Not so long ago there were a few heavyweights who dominated the class: Mick Doohan, Valentino Rossi or more recently Marc Marquez, who have hoarded triumph after triumph. In 2020 there were nine different winners in MotoGP, while the following year there were eight. This year, with one race to go, there are already seven different winners in the same season.

The recipe has been the same: the more winners, the more spectacle for those watching the races. But as in everything in life, there are those who think differently. Giacomo Agostini, 15 times world champion, is one of those people.

Quoted in La Repubblica, the italian defends the idea that the spectacle benefits from there being only one big winner and not several. With seven wins to his name Pecco Bagnaia has won the most races this year but number 63 is only one of seven – for now there is still one race to go – winners in 2022…so far from being the dominating element that Agostini says is ideal:

– Now we need someone who wins continuously, who is a conqueror and makes the fans dream. If every year there is a different champion people will start to think that anyone can win in MotoGP… first it was Joan Mir, then Fabio Quartararo and now nobody knows: if winning is simple, MotoGP loses its charm.

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