A monumental task awaits Miller as Binder has consistently shown to be the best KTM rider in MotoGP, particularly when it comes to producing on a Sunday.

Miller has been one of the strongest riders over the last few races, taking victory in Japan ahead of Binder, before challenging Miguel Oliveira for the win in Buriram.

Although KTM have continued to struggle in qualifying trim, Binder has often overacheived in race conditions which is why the KTM rider is still in with a chance of beating Miller to fifth in the rider’s championship.

“Since I arrived at KTM in MotoGP it’s always been our strongest point which is fantastic because points are on a Sunday,” Binder told MotoGP.com.

“I know that as a rider it’s always been my good point that I’m always able to step up. Whether I’ve had a great weekend or a terrible weekend, in the race I’m able to put everything together and at least be as consistent as possible.

“I can clearly see what I can do and what performances we can put in even when things aren’t going the way they should over a weekend. I’m so confident that I have the team around me and that we can fight for anything. I’m really happy with the way everything is.”

While team leaders don’t really exist in MotoGP – the best argument against that could be Marc Marquez at Honda, however, it’s traditionally been something we see more in four-whell racing such as F1.

But with Miller coming in to join Binder at the factory team, both riders are expected to be in an intense battle going forward as they aim to lead the team and challenge for a world title.

On current form very little seems to be separating the two riders, although Miller is clearly on a more favourable package.

Miller had never had the chance to lead a factory team until last season when he and Francesco Bagnaia stepped up from Pramac Ducati to replace Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci, however, Bagnaia has since become the leader of that team, made all the more visible this season as he’s expected to seal his first MotoGP title this weekend..

With that said, Binder feels KTM have been fully behind him ever since they invested in the talented South African in 2015.

Binder continued: “KTM have been fantastic to me over the years and have taken care of me since 2015 and I’ve never felt the need or want to go anywhere else.

“I knew when I stopped up from Moto2 to MotoGP with KTM that they were still in the phase where they were climbing and this was also great for me. We could kind of grow together.

“We have such a massive structure, with so many skilled people, that I think it’s only a matter of time before we put these small points together. Once we do we’re not bad. Honestly, we’re really strong. But you just need that last little step.”

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