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Izan Guevara and Pedro Acosta are part of the latest batch of spanish motorcycling talents, and Marc Marquez, the most important figure in MotoGP in recent years for the country, admitted to expecting problems in the near future when he is expected to face the young riders on track, and praised the qualities of both.

The Honda rider started by looking at Guevara, this year’s Moto3 champion and already confirmed in Moto2 from 2023, and also remembered Acosta, speaking to AS: ‘Guevara won the title like a champion. He is a kid who goes by instinct. He is the most talented rider in Moto3 at the moment and we will see in Moto2, where he will be fast. Last year he was blocked by Acosta. He already had a lot of speed, but lacked the physical component and this year he won in that aspect. They are both very good, although with different styles’.

Marquez then looked at some of the distinct characteristics of each of the young riders, and left with the feeling that he sees himself a little bit in Acosta, and Jorge Lorenzo more in Guevara:

– Acosta is more aggressive and Guevara more refined, although not as much as Lorenzo. We’ll see more of his style in Moto2, but he’s a rider who lets the bike go a lot. The two have different styles and in the end they are both champions.

However, the former world champion made it clear that whilst he is happy to see the performances of both riders, that happiness is clouded in part by the difficulties he expects to experience himself in the future: ‘Of course I get excited when I see kids like that. But at the same time not, because I know they will make things difficult for me in the near future’.

Marquez then saw a bit of his own experience of the intermediate class in Acosta, and recalled the mistakes made by both himself and the young prodigy as part of growing up: ‘These are kids who are coming up in MotoGP. They’re going to burn their steps and make their mistakes. Like when Acosta came to Moto2, when he crashed. When I came to Moto2 I crashed three times in a row. They will make their mistakes, but they will get there for sure’.

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