KTM NGPC Champions

Earning his sixth victory of the season in Blythe, California, FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Dante Oliveira has successfully wrapped up his second-consecutive AMA National Grand Prix Championship (NGPC). The reigning champion’s steady performance through the first nine rounds has allowed him to wrap up the title one round early at the Prospectors GP. Additionally, fellow KTM-supported riders Mateo Oliveira and Brandy Richards clinched the Pro 2 and Womens Pro championships, respectively, making it a banner day for KTM.

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On the start, Dante Oliveira was pinched off and had to fight his way through riders to make his way to the front. He was flowing on the incredibly sandy track and was able to move into third by the start of the second lap. He soon contended with a competitor in the pro section and was overtaken. However, it wasn’t long before he was back in the lead and carried it to the checkered flag. After nearly two hours of competition, Oliveira emerged as the Round 9 winner and the 2022 NGPC Pro Champion.

Dante Oliveira said, “It was a super good race for me — my body felt awesome, and the track was super fun. It was not as rough as it has been in the past, but some of the insides were starting to chop up pretty good, and the bike worked awesome. I got the championship one round early, so that’s awesome. I wrapped it up here last year for Grand Prix as well, so I’m stoked to do that twice and just stoked on the year in general!”

FMF RPM KTM Racing Team’s Mateo Oliveira claimed the Pro 2 class championship after notching his eighth win of the season in Blythe. After finishing second in the championship in 2020 and 2021, Mateo put all the pieces together to claim the title one round early this year.

Mateo Oliveira said, “I was able to get a semi-okay start and then found my way into the lead pretty quick. I tried to just push as hard as I could, because I wanted to get as far away from my class as possible and not be in the dust in the pro section. I stayed out the dust and then just stayed on top of the sand whoops today. I’m stoked. I’ve been super close the last three years in this championship, so it feels awesome to finally win this championship by winning all but one race. I’m just stoked. I can’t thank the whole RPM KTM team enough. And my family and friends that support me, thank you.”

KTM rider Brandy Richards captured her third-consecutive Pro Womens title at Round 9 after taking her eighth class-win this year. She got off to the early lead and held it for the duration of the race.

Brandy Richards said, “I’m really stoked on my race today and winning the championship here in Blythe. This is one of my favorite tracks and the bike was so good out there. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support today and this season.”

Next Round: Lake Havasu, Arizona, Nov. 13, 2022

Results: Round 9

Pro Results

  1. Dante Oliveira, KTM
  2. Austin Walton, Husqvarna
  3. Tallon LaFountaine, Honda

Pro 2 Results

  1. Mateo Oliveira, KTM
  2. Jack Simpson, Honda
  3. Parker Ross, Honda

Pro Women Results

  1. Brandy Richards, KTM
  2. Tarah Gieger, Honda
  3. Kaitlyn Jacobs, KTM

Pro Championship Standings

  1. Dante Oliveira, 222 points
  2. Cole Martinez, 172
  3. Austin Walton, 168

Pro 2 Championship Standings

  1. Mateo Oliveira, 240 points
  2. Jack Simpson, 189
  3. Kai Aiello, 167

Pro Women Championship Standings

  1. Brandy Richards, 240 points
  2. Ava Silvestri, 201
  3. Tarah Gieger, 156

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