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The kannada actor-director Rishab Shetty’s film “Kantara” has been another huge release for the kannada Film industry as well as the production company Hombale Films, which produced the largest hit “K.G.F” duology. The movie had a tremendous response upon its debut, which contributed to its enormous appeal. The movie was already released in kannada, but the reach was so great that the producers chose to dub it and release it like they did with their prior films. The movie’s telugu release took place today, and the responses and receptions are the same as before.

People are applauding the acting and the story, referring to Rishab Shetty as another bright director from the kannada film industry who has the potential to grow his market throughout the entire nation. Not just the reviews, but also the public’s overall response appears to be quite positive on social media accounts. With the current weather and reasonably priced tickets, the movie could surpass “Godfather” and “Vikram” in its first week of release. Pure mastery of effective narrative!

Writer-director-actor Rishab Shetty’s Kannada-language Kantara, now available nationwide in hindi and other languages, is a visually lavish, instantly engrossing spectacle mounted with extraordinary vim and vigour. It is a heady blend of history, myth, folklore, high drama, and stylishly choreographed action neatly wrapped in a form firmly rooted in the cultural milieu it has sprung from. Shetty also serves as the film’s writer and principal actor. Although his work as a screenwriter is probably just a little short of flawless, the story has enough weight and vitality to translate into a mass entertainment piece that is visceral, stirring, and invariably captivating.

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