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Tina Hu was an athlete without a sport.

As a sophomore at Lowell High School, she found herself in a place all too familiar for students who have the desire to play, but haven’t had the means to access the specialized training and opportunities that come with private club teams. Select spots on volleyball and basketball seemed out of reach.

Then, Hu found her opening. Lowell launched a girls club flag football program, and almost everyone who signed up was entirely green.

“I had the skills to play football, but even if I did something like basketball, most girls had started when they were four years old,” said Hu, who now attends Skyline
in San Bruno where she took a short-lived flag football elective as a freshman. “Most of the girls were new to flag football, it felt like we were on the same grounds.”

Now those grounds are on the verge of expanding to thousands of girls like her across California.
Federated Council
took up a proposal
at its Los Angeles meeting
on Oct. 7 to make girls flag football an official varsity sport for the 2023-24 school year, with a vote set for February. The South Section codified it
a week earlier, but the CIF’s decision would impact all
sections, and it appears to have

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