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Football: Football is the most popular sport in the world. There are over 200 million registered players worldwide. In addition, the number of fans watching matches has increased from 2 million in 1950 to over a billion today.

The FIFA World Cup is the premier Football tournament in the world. There are other major competitions like the African Cup of Nations, Copa America, and Euro Championships. The strongest domestic leagues are found in Germany, Spain, Italy, and England.

This sport has been around since the 19th century and was originally called Association Football. It is also known as Soccer in many countries.

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Football, also known as Soccer in many parts of the world, is a sport that involves kicking a ball made of leather and/or plastic, or some other suitable material around a rectangular field known as a pitch.

There are two teams consisting of 11 players each, who attempt to move the ball into the other team’s goal with their feet or torso. The winning team is decided by the number of goals scored.

What Is The Objective Of The Game?

Every football game begins with a toss. The two team captains meet in the middle of the pitch with the match referee. The captain of the winning team (toss winner) chooses which goalpost to pursue in the first half, while the team that loses the toss kicks off the game.

The teams trade goals during the second half, and the side that won the coin toss gets to kick off.

The objective of Football (or Soccer) is to score goals by kicking or passing the ball over the goal line and into the opponent’s goalposts. The total game time is 90 minutes divided into two halves of 45-minutes each.

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How Many Players Are There In Football?

Each team consists of eleven players. Out of these 11 players, 10 are outfield players and 1 is the goalie.

How Are The Players Divided?

There are five main positions in football: a goalkeeper (GK), defenders (D), midfielders (M) and forwards (F). Each team consists of eleven players, three at each position. The coach decides who plays where during the match.

According to the laws stipulated by the International Football Association Board, a team must have at least seven players in order to be considered complete.

Only goalkeepers have the authority to touch the ball with their hands or arms, only as long as they do so inside the penalty area in front of their own goal.

What Is ‘Ball In’ And ‘Ball Out’ In Football?

Ball in play and ball out of play are the two primary stages of play during a football or soccer game.

The ball is said to be in play from the start of each playing period with a kick-off until the completion of the playing period. Only in rare cases does the ball leave the field of play or the referee stops the play.

Depending on how the ball becomes out of the play, one of these eight ways is used to resume the game:

  1. Kick-off: These are given to begin the play in a match and, in certain situations, to restart it. The kicker kicks the ball to the opposite side.
  2. Throw-in: These are given after the ball has left the field of play\. The opponents of the player who last touched the ball receive a throw-in.
  3. Goal kick: These are given when the entire ball crosses the goal line, whether on the ground or in the air, having last touched a member of the attacking side, and the goal is not scored. The ball is given a goal kick by the goalkeeper.
  4. Corner kick: These are given when the entire ball crosses the goal line, whether on the ground or in the air, having last touched a defender and no goals are scored. Only the opposite side may score directly from a corner kick; if the ball penetrates the goal of the kicker, the opponents are given a corner kick.
  5. Indirect free kick: These are given to the opposite side after “non-penal” fouls, or when play is paused to warn or dismiss an opponent without a specific foul having occurred. This may or may not result in a goal being scored.
  6. Direct free kick: These are given to the team that was fouled after one of the above fouls. With this, a goal may be directly scored.
  7. Penalty kick: These are given to the team that was fouled after a foul that typically results in a straight free kick but happened within their opponent’s penalty area.
  8. Dropped-ball: This occurs when the referee has halted play for certain reasons, such as injury.

What Are The International Tournaments Of Football?

The largest and most popular international football tournament is the FIFA World Cup, which is held every year. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to kick off on November 20 in Qatar.

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Other prestigious tournaments include: the European Championship (UEFA), the Copa America (CONMEBOL), the African Cup of Nations (CAF), the Asian Cup (AFC), the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and the OFC Nations Cup (OFC).

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