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The wrestling world recently made bold predictions for CM Punk’s future in pro wrestling following his potential departure from AEW.

The Straight Edge Superstar’s run in All Elite Wrestling has been turbulent since his rant in the All Out media scrum and the subsequent backstage brawl. He was stripped of the world title following the incident and is currently out of action with an injury and has also been suspended.

However, reports indicate that Punk is unlikely to return to AEW, with the promotion allegedly looking to buy out his contract.

The Twitterati has been theorizing about CM Punk’s pro wrestling future, with some claiming that he could join IMPACT Wrestling. For those unaware, Punk had a short stint in the promotion (then known as NWA: Total Nonstop Action) in the early 2000s and seemingly left them on bad terms.

Below are some of the mixed reactions to the same. One fan has already made a bold prediction about CM Punk joining IMPACT Wrestling.

Fan claiming about CM Punk already making IMPACT debut
Fan claiming about CM Punk already making IMPACT debut

@nikoexxtra Impact is too broke. Maybe a one off ppv match but it’s not like he won’t be fighting an AEW guy thru impact

@reigns_era Punk already burned that bridge. He was apart of NWA TNA

@nikoexxtra LOL they don’t have the money to pay him plus he’ll never go back there.

@nikoexxtra Just like Hogan, the Money spending ain’t worth it

@reigns_era CM Punk vs Bobby Fish at Hard To Kill – Winner AND Loser leaves Impact

@nikoexxtra Punk should rather hit billy corgan and get a gig in nwa. That’s where he belongs.

You can check out the full results of AEW Rampage HERE.

Dutch Mantell recently had some advice for Tony Khan in the aftermath of The Elite-CM Punk debacle in AEW

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s SmackTalk, Mantell said that the AEW President should stop trying to be friends with the talent. He then bashed Tony Khan for sitting idly during CM Punk’s rant in the All Out media scrum:

“It goes back to Tony [Khan]I think trying to be friends with some of these guys. And it never works out because the inmates end up running the asylum, and he’s got to deal with all the aftermath. Like CM Punk doing that scrum interview and Tony sitting right beside him, and he would say something detrimental…and Tony agreeing with him,” said Mantell.

Dutch Mantell added that the whole incident was not a “good look for the company”:

“That’s not a good look for the company. It’s not a good look for Tony. It’s not a good look for CM Punk. So I think he needs to crack down and quit trying to be friends with these guys if that’s what he’s trying to do.”


Despite recent rumors hinting at Punk’s departure from AEW, it will be interesting to see if Tony Khan releases his most valuable star in the foreseeable future.

Do you see CM Punk leaving All Elite Wrestling before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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