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Motosport is a rich man’s game at the loftiest levels, the pursuit of racing greatness on two wheels being as much about investment and resource as it is about what your rider can do on a Sunday afternoon.

In a motorcycling context, this is no more apparent than in the MotoGP World Championship, which might explain why – in 2022 – each of the six different bikes on the grid have been designed, built and developed by six of the industry’s most prominent manufacturers.

But while many manufacturers have chased a spot on the coveted MotoGP grid over the years, precious few have succeeded in reaching the grid at all, as these stillborn would-be MotoGP projects attest to…

– BMW MotoGP

Number one on Dorna’s wish list of motorcycle manufacturers to join MotoGP, BMW has repeatedly turned down advances from Carmelo and co. to take the plunge over the last decade.

It’s a situation that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, BMW instead preferring to market its flagship sportsbike – the M/S1000 RR – in the more like-for-like WorldSBK Championship. BMW hasn’t always shunned the notion of MotoGP, however.

Indeed, back in the mid-noughties, BMW was seriously considering entering from 2007 when the series adopted new technical regulations that swapped 990cc bikes for 800cc machines.

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