2022 MotoGP Round16 PhillipIsland RbMotoLens DSC 3812 SBK Cru Halliday

Cru Halliday on the MotoGP Support Races

Yamaha Racing Team’s Cru Halliday showed great form at the recent MotoGP support races.

Halliday took pole position and missed out on victory in the opening bout by a nose after being passed at the finish line by Waters on the Boost Mobile V4 R.

Cru Halliday ahead of Waters - Image RbMotoLens
Cru Halliday ahead of Waters in the opening MotoGP Support race – Image RbMotoLens

Waters only got stronger from thereon in, but it was Halliday that ran him closest all weekend, finishing with a trio of second place finishes for second overall at the event ahead of Bryan Staring, and his ASBK Championship leading Yamaha team-mate Mike Jones.

Halliday and Staring traded places - Image RbMotoLens
Halliday and Staring traded places in race two – Image RbMotoLens

Halliday had also gone well at the Phillip Island ASBK season opener back in February, and thus will be going to the next round of the Australian Superbike Championship, to be held at Phillip Island alongside the final round of the FIM Superbike World Championship, with extra confidence to finish the final two rounds of the season on a high.

2022 MotoGP Round16 PhillipIsland RbMotoLens DSC 3976 Finish SBK Cru Halliday
Superbike Race Three at the MotoGP – Halliday took second – Image RbMotoLens

Both of the Queensland rounds of this years 2022 mi-bike Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship stunted Halliday’s title charge, but he is still currently fifth in the championship, and perhaps could finish as high as third outright if the final two rounds go his way.

We sent Mark Bracks to get a few words from Cru immediately after the MotoGP support races at Phillip Island.

Cru Halliday

It’s good, obviously I’m disappointed we didn’t win, but coming into this weekend I thought I could win it. But it’s good to see Josh land back on his feet. I know he’s had a rough couple of years, as riders it gets pretty emotional and half the time you just want to quit. But it’s good to see he’s stuck with it and Ducati threw him a lifeline, and it just shows how good that bike is.

“Not taking anything away from Josh, he’s an unbelievable rider and is great at this circuit. But they must have that bike dialled unbelievable, he was on another planet this weekend.

“With my team, we still rode unbelievable, I don’t think I made many mistakes, probably one all weekend, running wide in turn four just then, but I think we just need to make our bike a bit more user friendly.

“Kev’s working flat out, he’s got it working good, we’re getting good results, but just a little fine tuning, rear grip here and there.

“It’s hard to do, really hard to do, with the electronic package we’ve got. But it’s what we’ve got, what we got to use, and we’ve made a bit of a step forward, but they’re little tiny steps. We need to be making bigger steps.

“It’ll come. Come ASBK we should be in fighting form and it’ll be interesting to see who brings the pace then. I know Wayne will be back racing then and they say he’s the king of the island.

“I don’t know, it’s been a good weekend for us, but still disappointing for us, I wanted that win. It is what it is.”

“The atmosphere at MotoGP puts you in a bit of a different mood, and also it’s WorldSBK when we come back here next, the rubber is down and we usually run pretty fast.

“At MotoGP as the weekend went on we went faster, it wasn’t because everyone was getting more laps, it was because the wind was getting less and less.

“The first couple of days, Thursday and Friday they were crazy windy and today was actually pretty good for Phillip Island. So can’t complain and pumped for the team.

Yamaha Racing Team - Image RbMotoLens
Yamaha Racing Team – Image RbMotoLens

Australian Superbike MotoGP Support Class Points

Non Championship Event thus points do not count towards ASBK Championship
Pos Rider Bike R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Josh WATERS Ducati 25 25 25 75
2 Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha 20 20 20 60
3 Bryan STARING Ducati 17 18 18 53
4 Michael JONES Yamaha 18 17 17 52
5 Troy HERFOSS Honda 16 16 16 48
6 Jed METCHER Yamaha 15 15 15 45
7 Alastair HOOGENBOEZEM Yamaha 14 13 13 40
8 Peter BERRY Suzuki 13 12 12 37
9 Dennis BECH Ducati 12 11 11 34
10 Broc PEARSON Ducati 14 14 28
11 Tracey DAVIES Ducati 10 9 9 28
12 Gary TIDD Ducati 11 10 21
13 Cori BOURNE Suzuki 9 10 19
2022 MotoGP Round18 PhillipIsland RbMotoLens DSC 4155 Round Podium SBK Josh Waters Cru Halliday Bryan Staring
MotoGP Support Races – Phillip Island 2022 – Podium – Image RbMotoLens

mi-bike Motorcycle Insurance
2022 Alpinestars Superbike Championship Points Standings

Pos Name Total
1 Mike JONES 242
2 Wayne MAXWELL 213
3 Bryan STARING 189
4 Troy HERFOSS 170
5 Cru HALLIDAY 161
6 Glenn ALLERTON 160
7 Arthur SISSIS 156
8 Josh WATERS 136
9 Anthony WEST 117
10 Daniel FALZON 111
11 Max STAUFFER 76
12 Lachlan EPIS 66
13 Broc PEARSON 65
14 Jed METCHER 62
15 Michael EDWARDS 59
16 Mark CHIODO 58
17 Aiden WAGNER 47
18 Matt WALTERS 32
19 Beau BEATON 27
20 Ben STRONACH 25
21 Nathan SPITERI 22
22 Chandler COOPER 21
23 Paul LALLY 20
24 Sloan FROST 17
25 Benjamin LOWE 11
26 Luke MACDONALD 10
27 Luke JHONSTON 7
28 Corey FORDE 3

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2022 ASBK Calendar

Round 1 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC 25 – 27 February
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC, SBK Masters
Round 2 Queensland Raceway, Ipswich QLD 18 – 20 March
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC, Sidecars
Round 3 Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn NSW 22 – 24 April
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC, Aussie Racing Cars
Round 4 Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin NT 17 – 19 June
* With Supercars – SBK Only
Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick QLD 5 – 7 August
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC
Round 6 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Cowes VIC 18 –  20 November
Round 7 The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend SA 25 – 27 November
SBK, SSPT, SS300, R3 Cup, OJC
ASBK Night of Champions Dinner – The Bend 27 November

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