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Tiger Woods

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Golf Saudi CEO, Majed Al Sorourshut down the report that LIV Golf offered superstar Tiger Woods a contract between $700-$800 million to join the tour.

In August, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the offer was for Woods to join the highly controversial Saudi-funded golf tour. Woods turned down LIV to stay with the PGA Tour.

When Carlson asked Norman the question about the offer they sent Woods, Norman said all Woods needed to do sign the dotted line.

Carlson originally asked Norman if the offer was in the billions, but reports claim the proposal was in the millions, not the billions.

“That number has been out there before I became CEO,” Norman told Carlson. “So that number has been out there, yes. Look, Tiger is a needle mover. So, of course, you got to look at the best of the best. They originally approached Tiger before I became CEO, so yes, that number is somewhere in that neighborhood.”

Al Sorour, also the CEO of the Saudi Golf Federation, had a different story about the offer, contrary to what Norman told Carlson.

“It’s not straight out of money,” Al Sorour told The New Yorker. “I never offered him that money, not even close to that.”

Al Sorour was appointed CEO of the Saudi Golf Federation in 2018. Saudi Arabia’s Private Investment Fund finances LIV Golf.

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