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Wolff: Mercedes 'discovered'

If the 2022 season of Mercedes F1 strongly resembled a way of the cross, the German team having not won a single race and never having weighed in the race for world titles, there would finally be real grounds for hope in sight. next year according to its director Toto Wolff.

The eight-time defending constructors’ champion team progressed in the second half of the season, thanks in particular to its evolutions and the strong reduction in the rebound, but it could experience its first year without a single victory since 2011 when there are still five events to be played.

Toto Wolff thus explained that if the Brackley team would not be able to make its W13 competitive by the end of the season, it has on the other hand identified a way to significantly improve performance on its single-seater of the year. next.

« To understand the source of your lack of performance, you have to peel back each layer one by one, » said the Austrian leader.

« Are we really aware of all the questions and their answers? No. But I think we have discovered the reason for our lack of performance. »

« It’s not something we will be able to change this year, it’s about decisions we have made for next year. »

« But I’m not 100% sure that I will say to you: ‘This year we are going to fight for the world championships’. That is the goal, but we still have a lot of work to do. »

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