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For Horner, we will not relive a (...)

Without a doubt, the 2021 season was exceptionally intense, disputed, controversial too, and has become a classic in the history of F1.

For Christian Horner, we will not see such a fight again anytime soon to obtain a world championship – not before 20 years according to him.

Speaking in the ‘Journal d’un PDG’ podcast, the Red Bull boss looked back on this season which he described as both « intense » and of » crazy woman. »

“Of course it was the most watched sporting event, certainly of last year, if not in the last five years. »

“And there probably won’t be another Formula 1 championship like this in the next 20 years. It was so epic. »

Doesn’t Christian Horner still regret the bad side of this intensity: that is to say, a certain toxicity, especially on social networks? Especially after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix…

“Yes of course, sport is polarizing. On the one hand, you have the Verstappen fans going crazy thinking that what happened in Abu Dhabi is retribution for what happened earlier in the year. »

“On the other hand, there are the Hamilton fans who think the race has been diverted from its normal course, and that’s unfair. »

“And finally there are the neutrals who have just witnessed the most phenomenal race between two magnificent drivers and teams at the top of their game. »

Despite, or perhaps because of, these controversies, F1 has attracted new fans, especially women and young people. Christian Horner sees this clearly today.

“For sport, it was fantastic. »

« Because suddenly, again, we’ve engaged with a whole new audience and wherever we go in the world now, Formula 1 is in the spotlight. »

“All the tickets are selling out and the demand for Formula 1 is just huge everywhere we go. »

Can Christian Horner relive such a year?

Max Verstappen has already said it: luckily not all seasons are like last year! Otherwise, it would be exhausting.

Christian Horner is not far from thinking the same: 2021 has also tested his resilience.

“This season has been difficult! I doubt I can do it another 10 times in a row. Or even 5.”

« I’ve been in charge of the Red Bull F1 team since 2005 and have overseen six world drivers’ titles – and I can claim a fifth constructors’ title this weekend. »

“I am sometimes tired but very satisfied in many ways, I am always very hungry and I say to myself: when will I be full? »

« I feel like I haven’t had enough right now and I think that’s what’s motivating – I feel like I’ve just started. »

“The problem that certainly arises in this sport, and I suppose it is the same in others, is that time flies so quickly. We never have five minutes to reflect and look back, we are always looking forward. »

“This championship is going to end and we are going to enjoy it for a few evenings, then everything revolves around the next one. So we never have time to think. »

“Only when you come to the end of the journey do you have time to reflect”

And Christian Horner concludes by already thinking of his retirement, distant, but which promises to be rural!

“When I get to the end of my journey, I’ll go and do something completely different – I’ll be a sheep farmer or something. But I don’t see that in sight right now. »

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