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F1 drivers make a first (...)

As the season approaches its last part, the drivers have been able to adapt to the 18-inch tires of the F1 2022. Carlos Sainz admits, however, that it is more difficult to bring them up to temperature at the moment during qualifying, but he am expecting the best next year thanks to the hindsight and the experience that the pilots will have.

« I think it’s more difficult, but only because we have less years of experience with them, I think we’ll get to a point where we understand them better, but it’s only the first year » Sainz explains.

« Every time we go to a circuit, it’s the first time we’ve been with these tires on this circuit. So, we always have surprises for each circuit, what is the right window for these compounds from this year.

« But I am convinced that with the experience we have this year, when we come back next year, if Pirelli does not change the tire compounds and the construction massively, then it will be much easier to achieve the objectives. I think it’s just a matter of experience with this new type of tyre. »

Valtteri Bottas agrees with Sainz: « I pretty much agree with Carlos. I feel like it’s the same thing, the same thing. It’s always a learning process with new tire types and every weekend we learn more, so yeah, it’s a bit variable but I think it’s the same. »

A « more direct » approach for Gasly

Pierre Gasly, for his part, reveals that he had less difficulty placing the tires in the correct operating window on a fast lap: « I would say that on our end it has been easier. The fact that the temperatures of the electric blankets are lower makes it quite simple. »

“At most tracks we are going to push harder on the exit lap compared to last year where sometimes we ended up being extremely slow not to work on the side of the tyre. We were much more focused in terms of of procedure with more different exit rounds. »

« And yes, I had more trouble last year getting the front tires ready in the first corner, where I had the tires locking up. So I would say on that side it’s easier. Not completely easy, you don’t get there sometimes, but at least it’s a more direct view in our approach to the turns. »

Lance Stroll also doesn’t see a problem with the need to attack more in the exit turn: « You have to push harder on the exit laps in general. I don’t think it’s harder, I just think it’s different. The front tire feels a lot weaker, so it behaves quite differently. And it take some getting used to, but I think we will improve with each race to understand the tyres. »

Sergio Pérez is worried about the warming up of the tyres, which he does not always manage to heat up ideally: « I think for me the only concern is warming up, especially when you’re behind the safety car with those low blanket temperatures. »

« They want to cool even more next year, but that could put the drivers at risk, when the track is cold, and with the safety cars. It can be a bit of a risk for some drivers. So I think it That’s the only real concern I have with these tires at the moment. »

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