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An annual golf tournament among friends that was started 10 years has continued as the Chris Rieb Memorial Golf Tournament since he passed away in 2015. Rieb is pictured fourth from right in the first row with the sunglasses. The Watertown Area Community Foundation recently received proceeds from this year's tournament to support the Christopher (Chris) Rieb Fund (est. 2016) at the Foundation that supports Chris' passions in his hometown.

It’s the golf event of the year, though there’s not a “pro” in sight. Nor is there a green sportscoat to place upon the champion’s shoulders, but there is a jean jacket… and somehow that means so much more.

Friends have been gathering once a year to golf and reminisce about one of their own — their friend, Christopher Rieb, who passed away suddenly in 2015, but who can still make them smile.

Rieb liked to have fun and he created it for all who were with him, said Justin Heller of Watertown.

“I grew up with him,” Heller continued. “We went all the way back to kindergarten. I played hockey with him the whole time, then lived with him in college for two years. Every time we were doing something, he was the life of the party. It didn’t matter if we were hanging out at the house or playing hockey.”

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