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And how does it feel compared to a supercross track? You build up speed as the lane continues to go on, so you’re cooking pretty fast by the end of it. How hard is it to meter that you’re not going to triple something too far, for example?
Yeah exactly, especially on the practice sets, I kept overjumping some stuff. Like after that big tabletop, you have to really slow down for that next section and a few of these lanes were like that. So it was really like a thinking game because you’re not worried about the corners and you’re not worried necessarily about line choice because everyone is in their lane. It’s all just about who can keep the momentum and keep the rear wheel driving.

Like you said, it rained there towards the end so the grate up top also got difficult. On a 125 it’s not easy to start on a grate in the first place but then it starts raining. How difficult was it to not lose grip and still get that step down clean?
Honestly, I was sitting down there, it started raining, and I heard some of the guys saying, “Oh my gosh, we’re going to endo off that thing!” because they were going off and they were saying how sketchy it was. I was sitting there biting my nails. I went off that right side first and I spun all the way off that thing and kind of cased that first jump a little bit. I was like, “Man, if it rains any more, the left is going to be worse.” But luckily the left was better and honestly it just was so slick on the backside of those single. You go down them a little crooked after scrubbing and you really had to straighten it out quick.

Did it make it tougher to stay in your lane, too, with it being slick at the end?
Yeah absolutely. Especially in the whoops. The whoops no matter how straight or fast I went into them, it just wanted to drag you into the middle. And you see that clean spot in the middle and you’re like, you know it wouldn’t be slippery there. So, it was really hard to stay in our lane.

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