Julio Csar Chvezthe greatest Mexican boxing legend, considered one of the most relevant pugilists at international level, was sincere and acknowledged that he would have been “the best of all history” if he had not fallen into addictions.

“Everyone knows my life story, I believe that if I had not fallen into addictions I would not have been the best Mexican boxer of all time, I would have been the best boxer in all history because I would have reached 100 fights undefeated, nobody would have been able to match that.”, he said in an interview with TUDN.

Canelo lvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

“Imagine if I made it to 90 fights undefeated, how many fights I would have made it if I had taken care of myself. But I have no regrets because God gave me another chance at life, I continue to be an example for young people not to fall into that and thanks to God I have been able to help many people,” explained the boxing Caesar.

His greatest glory: getting out of addictions

The now sports narrator indicated that beyond his sporting achievements, his greatest glory is to have left the world of addictions.

“For me the most important challenge, the most important glory, the most important belt is to have been able to get out of addictions, not everyone gets out of that hell, thank God so far, knock on wood, I continue to be an example,” he concluded.

He wants to help Eduin Caz because of his addictions.

The great Mexican champion has extended his hand to help Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, stating that the singer has serious drinking problems.

In an interview with TV Azteca’s Venga la Alegria program, Chavez Gonzalez stated that the singer will not accept his problems with alcoholism until he hits rock bottom.

“Sometimes one loses the floor and unfortunately later when you are well sunk, you hit bottom, that’s when you really recognize it. As long as a person does not hit bottom, he will not recognize it”, detailed the boxing legend.

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