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The American Express PGA Tour event in La Quinta has seen better fields and better crowds in recent years.

Jack Nicklaus is the latest person to look at the coming PGA Tour changes and wonder just what the new tour will look like. After all, he has seen several incarnations of the tour.

“What it’s done is made the PGA Tour almost two tiers,” Nicklaus said in an interview with the Associated Press. “All of a sudden the other tournaments become feeders.”

Nicklaus was responding to plans by the PGA Tour to have 20 elevated events, with increased $20 million purses each season. Some of the events will be anchors for the tour year in and year out, while other events might rotate from being an elevated event to a regular event every few years. The idea is that the best players in the game will gather at the elevated events to provide more top-level competition for fans to watch.

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